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    Once you’ve booked your appointment you may be wondering- now what? 

    Your therapist will set an account up for you through Simple Practice, our secure online portal. You will be able to complete the necessary forms before your first appointment, print billing documents, and access secure messaging. 

    If you want to allow others access (i.e. medical staff, family, friends…) to your information and records, you will need to request a “Consent to Release” form from your therapist. 

    In your first appointment, you and your therapist will review completed documents, allow for questions, and discuss presenting issues that brought you into counseling. If you aren’t completely sure – no sweat – your therapist will help you to identify and create counseling goals. 

    Some wonder how many sessions to expect. This is truly up to each individual, the goals that you want to work towards can range from straight forward to complex. Some clients identify more surface or short-term goals for symptom reduction, and others may choose more complex and in-depth goals that will take longer. There are also people who simply enjoy the therapeutic relationship and work towards goals throughout a longer relationship with the therapist. 

    Therapy is often times built around a foundation of trust and vulnerability, which are achieved through what we call the “therapeutic relationship” – this is the space that you and your therapist create in which you can truly be yourself. No matter what goals or issues you come in with, it is important to have the right “fit” with your therapist. It is important to discuss this with your therapist if you have questions or concerns. 

    Most often people are nervous in their first appointments (sometimes even the second one!), this is normal. Embrace the change and feel encouraged as your take this first step into a new adventure.